Remuneration Arrangements ROI – Sparrow Insurances Ltd.

We, Sparrow Insurances Limited, act as intermediary (Broker) between you, the consumer, and the product provider with whom we place your business.


The background

Pursuant to provision 4.58A of the Central Bank of Ireland’s September 2019 Addendum to the Consumer Protection Code, all intermediaries, must make available in their public offices, or on their website if they have one, a summary of the details of all arrangements for any fee, commission, other reward or remuneration provided to the intermediary which it has agreed with its product producers.


What is commission?

For the purpose of this document, commission is the payment earned by the intermediary for work undertaken on behalf of both the provider and the consumer.   The amount of commission is generally directly related to the quantity or value of the products sold. We are remunerated by commission and other payments from product producers. When assessing products, we will consider the different approaches taken by product providers in terms of them integrating sustainability risks into their product offering. This will form part of our analysis for choosing a product provider.

There are different types of commission models:

Single commission model: where payment is made to the intermediary shortly after the sale is completed and is based on a percentage of the premium paid.

Indemnity commission

Indemnity commission is the term used to describe a commission payment made before the commission is deemed to be ‘earned’. Indemnity commission may be subject to a clawback (see below) if the consumer lapses or cancels the product before the commission is deemed to be earned.

Other forms of indemnity commission are advances of commission for future sales granted to intermediaries in order to assist with set up costs or business development.

General insurance products

General insurance products, such as motor, home, travel, health, retail or liability insurance, are typically subject to a single or standard commission model, based on the amount of premium charged for the insurance product.

Profit Share arrangements

In some cases, the intermediary may be a party to a profit-share arrangement with a product provider and will earn additional commission.  Any business arranged with these product providers on a client’s behalf will be placed with the product provider because that product provider is, at the time of placement, the most suitable to meet the client’s requirements, taking all the client’s relevant information, demands and needs into account.

Marketing Support

The firm may also be in receipt of marketing support from product providers.

Other Special Arrangements

From time to time, Sparrow Insurances Ltd may offer discounts to its clients. At present, we have arrangements with Zurich Insurance plc which allows us to offer a new business or renewal retention discount to clients. This discount is subsequently reimbursed by Zurich Insurance plc.


Clawback is an obligation on the intermediary to repay unearned commission. Commission can be paid directly after a contract is concluded but is not deemed to be ‘earned’ until after a specified period of time. If the consumer cancels or withdraws from the financial product within the specified time, the intermediary must return commission to the product producer.


Other Fees, Administrative Costs/ non-monetary benefits


The firm may also be receipt of non-monetary benefits, such as:

  • Attendance at, and participation in, conferences, seminars, and other training events on the benefits and features of products or services we provide to consumers
  • Hospitality of a reasonable de minimis value, such as food and drink during a business meeting or a conference, seminar, or other training event.
  • Reasonable travel and accommodation expenses where the  firm  participates  in  or  provides market research or training conducted by another firm.
  • Assistance with Advertising/Branding
  • Other minor benefits that are capable of enhancing the quality of the service provided to clients and do not impair the firm’s duty to act in the best interests of the client


Remuneration Arrangements

Outlined below is a list of the Product Providers that our firm deals with together with the commissions we receive. These are standard commissions and can vary on individual cases. They are also subject to change.

ProviderType of transactionValue (%)
AIKENProperty Owners10%
AIKENUnoccupied Properties15%
AIKENTour Operators15%
AIKENCommercial Combined (Incl SME Package Policies)15%
AIKENLiability & Excess Policy15%
AIKENSurety BondsNil
AIKENPersonal Lines15%
AIKENMotor (Incl Feet/Trade etc..)5%
AIGExcess Rapidcover 22.5%
AIGShops Rapidcover15%
AIGOffice Rapidcover20%
AIGProp Own Rapidcover20%
AIGCom Comb Rapidcover20%
AIGPL Rapidcover17.5%
AIGPI Rapidcover 22.5%
AIGCyber Rapidcover25%
AIGD&O, Crime, PTL, EPL, Entity17.5%
AIGD&O, Crime, PTL, EPL, Entity Rapidcover (Bus Guard)20%
AIGMarine 20%
AIGMarine Rapidcover20%
AIGPA/Travel Rapidcover20%
AIKENFinancial Lines Products (PI/D&O/Med Mal/Crime/Cyber)10%
AllianzAPT - Apartment Blocks17.5%
AllianzBMN - Business Policy (CMF)15%
AllianzBMN - Business Policy (EL)6%
ArachasApartment Renter15%
ARBCommercial Vehicle - Advantage Select5%
AvivaComm Motor (MV)5%
AXAHouse (Rented)15%
Benchmark (RSA)Benchmark Rental Property15%
BlueTravel (Wholesale)30%
BlueTravel (Business)20%
ChubbProperty Damage/Business Interruption15%
CitynetCombined Traders10%
Corp UWMarine Cargo18.78%
Event InsureBusiness Protect (Retail, Office, Hospitality & Manufacturing)15%
Event InsurePersonal Accident15%
FingalApartment Block Insurance10%
FingalVacant Buildings Insurance10%
FingalSpecial Types Insurance5%
Hooper DolanTransit Insurance10%
Hooper DolanProperty Owner Liability10%
ImperiumiSure Shop15%
ImperiumiSure Property Owners19%
MISROI Residential Let25%
OBFHoliday Home12%
O'Driscoll O'Neill DACCommercial Combined - Hiscox SA15%
OptisCommercial Combined15%
PatronaAXA Haulage6.25%
PatronaCourier - AXA5%
PrestigePrestige Homesafe15%
Robertson LowApartment Block (Aviva)15%
RSALiability Galway BFI 15%15%
RSARSA Broker Motor Full Cycle 7.5%7.5%
ThomondMaterial Damage & BI with Lloyd's Insurance Co SA15%
NTISalon (Hair & Beauty) Combined Traders15%
TravelersMotor Trade Road Risks5%
WillisAsgard Commercial Fleet10%
WrightwaySpecial Types5%
WrightwayTrailer ADF&T10%
ZurichPrivate "All Risks" Policy15%
ZurichAnnual Travel Policy15%
ZurichBuilding in the Course of Erection15%
ZurichContractors "All Risks" Policy15%
ZurichCommercial Combined Policy 20%
ZurichCommercial Liability Policy - EL6%
ZurichCommercial Liability Policy - PL10%
ZurichComputer "All Risks" Policy15%
ZurichCommercial Motor Vehicle10%
ZurichCombined Property Policy - Material Damage All Risk Cover12.5%
ZurichCombined Property Policy 15%
ZurichPrivate Motor Vehicle5%
ZurichCommercial Combined (U.K.) Pol15%
ZurichEngineering Policy15%
ZurichFarm Fire Policy 17.5%
ZurichFidelity Policy15%
ZurichFleet Motor Vehicle7.5%
ZurichGroup Personal Accident Travel15%
ZurichHousehold DA20%
ZurichLegal Expenses25%
ZurichMiscellaneous Bonds Policy15%
ZurichCombined Caravan/Mobile Home15%
ZurichMarine Policy17.5%
ZurichMotor Traders Internal Policy10%
ZurichPersonal Accident Policy15%
ZurichGroup Personal Accident Policy15%
ZurichPrivate Dwelling House Policy15%
ZurichPrivate Motor Vehicle7.5%
ZurichPersonal Accident Travel Pol.15%
ZurichPersonal Accident Road & Rail15%
ZurichApartment Block Policy20%
ZurichMotor Traders Combined 5%
ZurichGuest House "All In" Policy20%
ZurichOffice Policy20%
ZurichTradestar-Property Owners20%
ZurichResidential Care Home Policy20%
ZurichShops Policy20%
ZurichSmall Craft/ Yacht Policy15%
ZurichCyber Insurance20%
ZurichFarm Policy17.5%
ZurichBroker Household20%
ZurichBroker Household DA20%
ZurichMini Fleet Vehicle10%
ZurichTradestar Office20%
ZurichProfessional Indemnity20%
ZurichTradestar Property Owners20%
ZurichTradestar Shop20%
ZurichMotor Traders Combined 5%
ZurichCommercial Liability Policy - Products10%
WrightwayBreakdown Assistance 5%
WrightwayCarriers Liability10%
WrightwayEngineering Inspection15%
WrightwayHaulage Fleet10%
WrightwayHaulage Property8%
WrightwayHaulage Liability8%
WrightwayTrades Liability12%
WrightwayMini Fleet10%
WrightwayPrivate Car5%
WrightwayPrivate Car / Light Commercial Vehicle5%
WrightwayHaulage Single Vehicle10%
WrightwayHaulage Single Vehicle5%
WrightwayTraders Transit5%
WrightwayHaulage Fleet5%
WrightwayMulti Vehicle5%
WrightwayHaulage Single Vehicle5%
WillisAsgard Bus & Coach Fleet10%
WillisAsgard Bus & Coach 1-410%
WillisAsgard Self-Drive Hire10%
WillisGolfsure Combined15%
WillisGolfsure Motor5%
WillisGolfsure Personal10%
WillisOffice Combined15%
WillisTradesure Liability15%
WillisTradesure Commercial Motor10%
WillisSimi Motor Trade - Proprty,BI.Money15%
WillisSimi Motor Trade - Liability7%
WillisSimi Motor Trade - Motor5%
TravelersProperty Covers15%
TravelersEmployers Liability6%
TravelersPublic Liability10%
TravelersTechnology E&O and Cyber Liabilities20%
TravelersManagement Liability Package17.5%
ThomondProperty Owners with Lloyd's Insurance Co SA15%
ThomondPersonal Accident & Illness with Lloyd's Insurance Co SA10%
ThomondContractors All Risks with Axis UW Ltd via The Fiducia MGA Co Ltd12.5%
ThomondContractors All Risk with Great Americal Internation Insurance (EU) DAC via Corin UW Ltd15%
ThomondProfessional Indemnity - AmTrust Europe Ltd through Collegiate Underwriting12.5%
ThomondCyber with Lloyd's Insurance Co SA12%
SUSMiscellaneous Safe15%
SUSProperty Owners15%
SUSPersonal Accident10%
SUSPersonal Accident/Illness10%
SUSTravel - Individual10%
SUSTravel - Business10%
SUSCombined Liability12.5%
RSAHousehold Full Cycle 20%20%
RSAContractors All Risks15%
RSACarriers Liability20%
RSAEmployers Liability6%
RSAApartments/Block of Flats15%
RSAHousehold Non Full Cycle15%
RSAPersonal Accident/Travel20%
RSAProfessional Indemnity17.5%
RSAPublic Liability10%
RSACommercial Vehicle9%
RSAPrivate Motor Non Full Cycle9%
RSAOwn Goods10%
Robertson LowAviation/Hull10%
Robertson LowBusiness Interruption10%
Robertson LowContractors All Risk10%
Robertson LowConstruction Bond10%
Robertson LowCommercial Combined (NBS)5%
Robertson LowCommercial Combined10%
Robertson LowCombined Liability10%
Robertson LowCyber10%
Robertson LowDirectors & Officers10%
Robertson LowEvent Cancellation10%
Robertson LowEmployer's Liability10%
Robertson LowExhibition Insurance10%
Robertson LowFire & Perils10%
Robertson LowHNW Household15%
Robertson LowMaterial Damage10%
Robertson LowMedical Malpractice10%
Robertson LowProduct Liability10%
Robertson LowProfessional Indemnity 10%
Robertson LowProfessional Indemnity – Excess Layer10%
Robertson LowPublic Liability10%
Robertson LowProperty Owner10%
PrestigePrestige Ireland Motor Trade10%
PrestigePrestige Ireland Non Standard CV8%
PrestigePrestige Ireland Non Standard Private Car8%
PrestigePrestige Ireland Non Standard Private Car EDI6%
PrestigePrestige Ireland Private Motor8%
PrestigePrestige Manual Product0%
PatronaCombined Liability5%
PatronaCarriers Liability10%
PatronaCommercial Vehicle5%
PatronaEquestrian Property7.5%
PatronaEquestrian Liability5%
PatronaHorsebox - Axa5%
PatronaTransport Fleet5%
PatronaLogistics Combined15%
PatronaLogistics Vehicle7.5%
PatronaNon Standard Car5%
PatronaNon Standard Van5%
PatronaOwn Goods Vehicle7.5%
PatronaPrivate Car5%
PatronaPublic Liability5%
PatronaRental Fleet7.5%
PatronaSpecial Types - Axa5%
PatronaStandard Haulage5%
PatronaSpecial Types5%
OptisProperty Owners/Real Estate17.5%
OptisProfessional Indemnity20%
OptisCourier's / Carrier's Liability12.5%
OptisGoods in Transit
OptisContractors All Risk15%
OptisPersonal Accident15%
O'Driscoll O'Neill DACTravel/Personal Accident - Crispin Speers & Partners Ltd15%
O'Driscoll O'Neill DACProperty Owners - Commercial Combined - Swiss Re Corporate Solutions15%
O'Driscoll O'Neill DACClassic Car - Aviva Insurance Limited0%
O'Driscoll O'Neill DACSoccer Personal Accident - Aviva Insurance Limited0%
O'Driscoll O'Neill DACCombined Liability - Sportscover0%
O'Driscoll O'Neill DACLegal Protection - ARC Legal Assistance Ltd15%
OBFNon Standard Construction Houses12%
OBFProfessional IndemnityCase by Case Basis
LibertyCommercial Vehicle10%
KennCoMotor Trade5%
KennCoGarage Combined15%
KennCoProfessional Indemnity15%
KennCoMedical Malpractice10%
KennCoTravel 20%
ImperiumiSure Tradesman16%
Hooper DolanProfessional Indemnity10%
Hooper DolanComputer Insurance5%
HCLHoliday Home10%
HCLUnoccupied Properties10%
HCLMobile Home10%
FingalContractors All Risks Insurance10%
FingalSelf Build Insurance10%
FingalPublic House Insurance10%
FingalPrivate Client Home Insurance10%
FingalPrivate Client Car Insurance5%
FingalMarine, Goods in Transit, Carriers Liability10%
FingalSmall craft Insurance5%
FingalTree Surgeons/Forestry Liability10%
FingalADFT Forestry Equipment10%
FingalLandscapers Liability10%
FingalProfessional Indemnity10%
Event InsureLegal Expenses with Eventinsure 10%
Event Insure Legal Expenses with All other Products15%
DolmenProperty Works12.5%
DolmenUnoccupied (via Relay & Direct)10%
DolmenLand Liability15%
DolmenProperty Owners15%
DolmenContractors All Risks12.5%
DolmenDirectors & Offices20%
DolmenEvent Insurance10%
DolmenDolmen SI (Sums Insured) Home15%
DolmenDolmen SI (Sums Insured) Residential 15%
DolmenProfessional Indemnity10%
DASMotor Trade5%
Corp UWTrailers & Containers15%
CitynetHousehold Unoccupied10%
CitynetMF - Im Dec10%
CitynetMF - Ann Dec10%
CitynetMF - Qtrly Dec7.5%
CitynetPublic Liability10%
CitynetProfessional Indemnity10%
ChubbCombined Liability10%
ChubbMonoline Public Liability10%
ChubbMonoline Employers Liability10%
ChubbEnvironmental Impairment Liability15%
ChubbExcess Liability15%
ChubbProfessional Indemnity15%
ChubbContractors All Risk15%
ChubbMasterpiece Household15%
ChubbMasterpiece Motor7.5%
ChubbPersonal Accident/Travel20%
BlueGadget Insurance15%
BluePet Insurance5%
BlueCar Hire Excess20%
BlueMotor Breakdown20%
BlueWedding Insurance20%
Benchmark (RSA)Benchmark Holiday Home15%
Benchmark (RSA)Benchmark Retail Insurance17.5%
Benchmark (RSA)Benchmark Office Insurance17.5%
Benchmark (RSA)Benchmark Property Owner17.5%
AXASmall Business20%
AXALiability Comp15%
AXABusiness Combined20%
AXAMotor CYC5%
AXABus 9%
AvivaComm Motor (MZ) 10%
AvivaContract Works20%
AvivaEng Ins - JC20%
AvivaEng Ins - JFMixed
AvivaEng Ins - JM20%
AvivaEng Ins - JPMixed
AvivaHome - FP10%
AvivaHome - HA12.5%
AvivaHome - HY20%
AvivaMotor Fleet5%
AvivaMotor Trade5%
AvivaPackages - AC21%
AvivaPackages - AO16%
AvivaPackages - AS16%
AvivaPackages - US15%
AvivaPrivate Motor10%
ARBCommercial Property - SS MTIR10%
ARBCommercial Property - Motor Trade (Internal)10%
ARBMotor Trade - ARB Motor Trade (COB 150)7.5%
ARBMotor Trade - ARB Motor Trade (COB 160)5%
ARBARB Ideal5%
ARBPrivate Motor - ARB Standard Motor (COB 100)5%
ARBProfessional Indemnity 17.5%
ARBCommercial Property - AIG Apartment Block12.5%
ARBCommercial Property - Combined Liability15%
ARBCommercial Property - Thomond MTIR10%
ARBTravel - Annual Multi Trip20%
ArachasBespoke Apt.Owner15%
ArachasBespoke Apt.Renter15%
ArachasHoliday Home15%
ArachasOwner Occupied15%
ArachasResidential Let15%
ArachasOwner Occupied15%
ArachasResidential Let15%
ArachasHoliday Home Basic10%
ArachasHoliday Home10%
ArachasHoliday Home10%
ArachasMobile Home10%
ArachasMid Net Worth15%
ArachasNon Standard Construction 10%
ArachasOwner Occupied10%
ArachasResidential Let15%
ArachasUnoccupied PDH10%
ArachasLight Commercial Vehicle6%
Arachas (Commercial)Liability10%
Arachas (Commercial)Liability10%
Arachas (Commercial)Liability10%
Arachas (Commercial)Contractors All Risks13%
Arachas (Commercial)Liability10%
Arachas (Commercial)PI10%
Arachas (Commercial)PI10%
Arachas (Commercial)Property Owners15%
Arachas (Commercial)Property Owners15%
Arachas (Commercial)Liability12.5%
Arachas (Commercial)Liability11.25%
Arachas (Commercial)Liability12.50%
Arachas (Commercial)Liability8%
Arachas (Commercial)A/D Fire & Theft12.5%
Arachas (Commercial)Self-Build10%
Arachas (Commercial)Childcare10%
Arachas (Commercial)Cleaners11.25%
Arachas (Commercial)Cleaning Contractors11.25%
Arachas (Commercial)Security Contractors12.5%
Arachas (Commercial)Recruitment Consultants12.5%
Arachas (Commercial)Commercial Combined7.5%
Arachas (Commercial)Commercial Combined (Hiscox)12.5%
Arachas (Commercial)Combined Liability10%
Arachas (Commercial)Contractors Works12.5%
Arachas (Commercial)Cyber Security12.5%
Arachas (Commercial)Directors and Officers10%
Arachas (Commercial)Employers Contingent10%
Arachas (Commercial)Engineering7.5%
Arachas (Commercial)Fleet Insurance5%
Arachas (Commercial)Personal Accident7.5%
Arachas (Commercial)Professional Indemnity12.5%
Arachas (Commercial)Property Owners15%
Arachas (Commercial)Public Liability10%
Arachas (Commercial)Trademaster10%
Arachas (Commercial)Property Owners15%
Arachas (Commercial)Property Owners15%
AllianzBMN - Business Policy (PL)10%
AllianzBMN - Business Policy (BI)15%
AllianzBMN - Business Policy (GAP)20%
AllianzBMN - Business Policy (PA)15%
AllianzBMN - Business Policy (CMV)5%
AllianzBMN - Business Policy (PRL)10%
AllianzBMN - Business Policy (GTB)20%
AllianzBMN - Business Policy (STL)20%
AllianzBMR - Business20%
AllianzBMS - Business20%
AllianzCBR - Combined Home Insurance15%
AllianzCGD - Cargo goods18.775%
AllianzCGL - Cargo Liability18.775%
AllianzCMP - Computer15%
AllianzENG - Engineering Plant15%
AllianzHPR - Personal Lines Household15%
AllianzHYR - Holiday Home ROI15%
AllianzHYT - Hull Marine15%
AllianzLIA - Combined Liability15%
AllianzLPR - Landlord House Insurance15%
AllianzMTC - Motor Traders Combined (CMF)15%
AllianzMTC - Motor Traders Combined (EL)15%
AllianzMTC - Motor Traders Combined (PL)15%
AllianzMTC - Motor Traders Combined (BI)15%
AllianzMTC - Motor Traders Combined (GAP)15%
AllianzMTC - Motor Traders Combined (CMV)7.5%
AllianzMTC - Motor Traders Combined (PRL)15%
AllianzOGR - Motor - Own Goods10%
AllianzPCR - RoI - Broker Motor Product10%
AllianzPRP - Combined Property20%
AllianzRCR - Combined Risks (CMF)15%
AllianzRCR - Combined Risks (EL)15%
AllianzRCR - Combined Risks (PL)15%
AllianzRCR - Combined Risks (BI)15%
AllianzRCR - Combined Risks (BU)15%
AllianzRCR - Combined Risks (CL)15%
AllianzRCR - Combined Risks (FG)15%
AllianzRCR - Combined Risks (FR)15%
AllianzRCR - Combined Risks (GAP)15%
AllianzRCR - Combined Risks (GAR)15%
AllianzRCR - Combined Risks (MML)5%
AllianzRCR - Combined Risks (PA)15%
AllianzRCR - Combined Risks (PL)10%
AllianzRCR - Combined Risks (MML)5%
AllianzSCR - Combined Risks15%
AllianzSFN - Motor - Small Fleet U.K.5%
AllianzSFR - Motor - Small Fleet5%
AllianzSME - Business Policy20%
AllianzSMP - Property Owners20%
AllianzSPL - Social Public Liability10%
AllianzCFR - Chauffeur Scheme10%
AllianzUND - Undertaker Scheme10%
ArachasApartment Owner15%
ARBCommercial Property - Commercial Combined15%
AvivaAgri Business15%
AXAHouse (Owner Occ)20%
Benchmark (RSA)Benchmark Options15%
BlueTravel (white label)20%
BUMP CARPrivate Car Insurance6%
ChubbCommercial Package15%
CitynetApartment Block15%
Corp UWCarriers Liability18.78%
DUALHousehold 20%
EversureHome Insurance15%
Event InsureEventinsure Product10%
Euler HermesCredit Insurance5%
FingalProperty Owners Insurance10%
FootprintPrivate Motor7.5%
HCLOwner Occupied10%
Hooper DolanCombined Liability10%
HSBConstruction 17.5
HSBEquipment Breakdown17.5
HSBEngineering Services17.5
ImperiumiSure Commercial Combined17.5%
Irish Life HealthIrish Life Health3%
KennCoMotor (Car/Van)5%
LibertyPrivate Motor10%
MISROI Owner Occupied20%
OBFMobile Home10%
O'Driscoll O'Neill DACCommercial Combined - XL Insurance Company SE15%
OptisCombined Liability15%
PenMotor Fleet7.5%
PrestigeAmtrust Property ROI14%
Robertson LowApartment Block10%
RSALiability Galway 10%10%
ThomondLiability with Calpe Insurance Company Limited via Corin Underwriting Ltd15%
NTIFuneral Directors Combined Traders15%
TravelersMotor Fleet5%
WillisAsgard Private Car10%
ZurichCommercial Motor Vehicle5%
HSBConstruction 17.5
HSBEquipment Breakdown 17.5
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